patriotic44st-pattys-smiley01-gigiDr. Napoli Fiatro St. Croix has several academic degrees and awards under his belt. He obtained his doctoral degree from the University of San Francisco in California, graduate and postgraduate studies in the University of Southern California and California State University at Los Angeles, respectively.

He is a historian, an anthropologist, a linguist, a professor, and a teacher by heart. He taught for forty years here and abroad. He is also mentored by Caltech scientists in the teaching of its elementary science curriculum, which is his line of expertise.

Being a multilingual teacher, he was able to tell his children’s storybooks in multilingual and multicultural classrooms even before their publications during his early years of teaching in elementary schools. The excitement and enjoyment of the children in these enchanting, never-ending stories led him to publish and share them to all the children around the world.

Dr. Napoli Fiatro St. Croix has been elected and chosen as the most distinguished and eminent alumni of 2016 by the prestigious teaching university, the Philippine Normal University, PNU for his contributions as a writer, author, historian, and his humanitarian efforts in helping the disadvantage school children via his published books at amazon.com/author/drnapolifiatrostcroix.com. His story as a writer and author has also been recorded by the USA Story Corps and would be housed in the USA Library of Congress.

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