Noli Me Tangere

Dr. Jose P. Rizal


n23Noli Me Tangere written by Dr. Jose P. Rizal  1 1/2 century ago depicted the atrocities of the Spanish officials, frias, Spaniards and Filipinos’ encomeinderos, alike during the Spanish colonization of the archipelago. Some editions entitled it Social Cancer, and it was then and it is now. The original manuscript was brilliantly written as a magnificent novel of all times.

Dr. Napoli Fiatro St.Croix had read this book in high school and sometimes he did not to understand the texts because the way it was translated in Tagalog. Now, his simple unabridged English translation of this all-time book, will be easy for the readers to grasp the idea by reading between the lines. The colorful illustrations will help in the reading process.

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