Dr. Napoli Fiatro St. Croix has several academic degrees and awards under his belt. He obtained his doctoral degree from the prestigious University of San Francisco in California, graduate and post graduate studies in the University of Southern California and California State University at Los Angeles, respectively He is a historian, a cultural anthropologist, a linguist, a professor, and a meek and humble teacher by heart. He taught for forty years here and abroad. His academic researches, travels, and studies of the histories and cultures of Spain, Mexico, and the Philippines enabled him to write and published the only pictorial written history of Dela Paz: Donde El Rio Termina El Lago Empieza and thus, became the center piece of all his writings and is now in the Binan Library and Museum. The PNU ( BSEE & MA ) has honored him as the Eminent Alumnus of 2016 for his lifetime achievements and humanitarian contributions.