Goldilocks is an Outlaw * Reward 100 Gold

st-pattys-smiley01-gigiIt is a story that will make the classroom full of discussions because of the thought provoking questions it will create, which is the success of teaching and learning. The story is written for grades 3 to 6. However, the brilliancy of the illustrations, grades 1 and 2 will enchant them, especially when the teachers or parents will read it to them with sound effects as it is being read. On the other side of the coin, middle school students will learn the art of classroom discussion as the thought provoking question is raised. ”The principle of true art is not to portray but to evoke. “ – Jersy Kosinski.

One Moment in Time * Light from Many Lamps

The Stories From the Heart

English * Tagalog Dictionary for Travelers and Students