The Night Before Christmas

xmas273This is a never-ending story about Christmas. It is riveting and extraordinary that children and adults alike around the world will be able to see themselves in the story. The twits in this storybook are incredible that defy the gravity of storytelling. Ordinarily, Santa Claus and his reindeer deliver Christmas’ gifts, but, no…no…not in this story ! ..* Guess who is coming this Christmastime to deliver those gifts. They travel faster than sound!!!!!! The sound effects could be heard as the storytellers, teachers, and parents read them aloud to their listeners, students, and children. Children will learn how to put sound effects as they read them aloud or silently. It goes like this… in light speed…they zzzz zoom…ooom,,,,zzzzooom…oomm, as the gifts are delivered….and of course,.. it ends in ..Merr…ryyy… Christmas and to all a Good Night!!! Written on the clouds in a starry night. It is magical, enchanting, and multicultural in settings. It is brilliantly illustrated and written for your enjoyment!

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