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free_amazing_1FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE * by James Collins, President THE PIECE OF CAKE PR and Review by Alexander Ribgy Editor-in-Chief Red City Review * The Evils of Prejudice: Educator’s Enlightening New Book Satires Racism & Prejudice in U.S. School System

Masterfully crafted by Dr. Napoli Fiatro St. Croix, ‘ The Evils of Prejudice ’ takes readers into the tumultuous, unpredictable and often dark issue of tolerance in the American school system. A satirical work of fiction that is chock-full of life lessons, Dr. St. Croix’s compelling volume will enlighten readers of all cultures and creeds. It’s a far cry from his usual bibliography, including a string of nine hugely-successful children’s books with messages spanning anti-bullying, protection of the Earth and critical thinking. In short, Dr. St. Croix is out on a literary mission to afford all children the education they deserve.